Who are we?

Gringo is a mission driven start-up taking on a challenge to integrate world’s ticketing systems in just one platform accessible to all. In the face of thousands of local ticketing apps and millions of ticket types, we insist that digital mobility should be about building bridges rather than walls.

Because using public transportation abroad is a daunting experience, we have committed to deliver one mobile ticketing app for all the locations in your itinerary. No more looking for coins, using baffling ticket machines and local apps and decrypting local ticket types. We make travelling in foreign cities easier than ever.

Why Gringo?

The legend has it that gringos were the foreign, non Spanish-speaking sailors who moored in Malaga, Spain and could hardly be understood by the locals. Why gringos? Their language was simply so distinct and difficult, it was satirically referred to as “griego” meaning “Greek”, becoming an analogy for indistinct or incomprehensible speech of strangers. Ever since, gringo has been used in Latin America to describe foreigners, especially North Americans and Europeans.

We know that, even for the brightest gringos, using public transportation in a busy foreign city might feel like being a tourist lost in the thicket of the Amazon rain forest. While we love the Amazon rain forest, we decided to leave this experience to adventure seekers and make public transportation more gringo friendly.


Imagine a world in which you can access transport anywhere you travel with just one app – the one that knows which ticket you need and buys it with just one tap on your phone using NFC technology.


Integrated, open and easy to use. That’s what public transport should be. We’re commited to inclusivity and sustainable urban development. Our data will help resolve overtourism, congestion and high plastic utilization.


What we do?

Imagine a world in which you can travel anywhere with just one smart guide – the one that knows which ticket you need and buys it with just one tap on your phone using NFC technology.




Having lived, studied and backpacked in multiple countries we know how frustrating buying a ticket abroad can be. Our international team understands the worries of the travellers and is excited to change the way they move around foreign cities.

We are a part of Start-Up Chile TSF7 Generation.